The NCRP had it’s quarterly meeting in Yreka on the 19th of April. Prior to that meeting Siskiyou County hosted a tour of the historic portions of Yreka.
Siskiyou Supervisors Grace Bennett & Marcia Armstrong put together the tour. We got a chance to visit the Museum in Yreka. There were some great Indian articles and artifacts on the lower level of the museum. There is a great story about one of the earliest trappers that came into the area had a mule pull up a tuft of grass that had dirt on it and seeing it sparkle with gold – then a gold rush, mining, timber, Chinese workers, trappers, and much more happens from there. The Museum is well put together and very informative.
We then went to the Firehouse and the volunteer fire company have restored three fire engines that look great and we also got a brief history lesson from one of the members, as well as a three person singing group that sang a couple of local songs about Yreka and Siskiyou County. It was much fun. After that we took a walking tour of Miner Street, in historic Yreka. We even got to peek into an antique store to look at an old mine shaft and entry into an old tunnel. There are many tunnels under buildings on Miner street. It was a great tour and very informative.
On Friday Morning the PRP met to review the agenda. There was an update from the State Water Board representative Leslie Lauden. She discussed lots of the funding mechanisms in the state and reported on the state board’s activity. The group also discussed the IRWM plan, Version 3. A very robust discussion and input provided.
There was an update from the Tribal Coordinator Chris Peters from Red Deer Consulting, and an update from Wayne Haydon of the TPRC. There was also a good project to report by Jim Cook, Grant Manager for Community Development on Call, on the Modoc Newell water system upgrade project funded by the first round of Prop 50 funding from the NCIRWMP. Margie Graham of DWR gave an update on the CA Water Plan Update and Forums. Next meeting July 18 2013 in Weaverville.