In today’s world there are many complex policy, legal, political and bureaucratic hurdles to overcome when working to accomplish an organization’s goals. Building a water project, widening a highway, or just getting sufficient funding for a project can be a daunting and complicated task. Paul Kelley is seasoned and experienced in representing his clients and businesses in any situation; before the media, community, boards, commissions, customers, and state and federal governments.

Years of experience in government combined with excellent communication and negotiation skills provide government agencies and businesses with means to a successful end. Paul Kelley provides the big picture view and facilitates the process of navigating these challenging channels to champion a goal or initiatives success.


Paul served for 16 years as a Director of the Sonoma County Water Agency. With Paul’s leadership, SCWA has become a leading water agency in the areas of water supply, recycled water, water conservation, flood control, renewable energy, fisheries enhancement and restoration. Paul’s leadership in a biological assessment – resulted in a Russian River Biological opinion for Salmon and Steelhead. Paul also helped lead the effort to create the Pacific Coastal Salmon recovery initiative resulting in almost $1 Billion on the west coast and $100 million for fisheries enhancement projects in California over the past 10 years.

Paul led in the effort to create the North Coast Integrated Regional Water management plan, becoming the number one ranked in California and receiving millions for planning and projects on the North Coast. Paul’s leadership in water has been recognized by becoming President of the Association of California Water Agencies, a statewide association of 430 members leading California policy to a sustainable and co-equal goals water future. Paul also serves on the California Water Commission.

Wastewater:  As director of  the Sonoma County Water Agency, Paul gained extensive experience overseeing seven sanitation districts and zones.  Setting priorities, working through regulatory challenges, raising revenue for projects, and working on renewable energy projects.  Paul also spent time on a committee for the California Association of Sanitation Agencies.  Paul also led the effort to create the Russian River Watershed Association and the North Bay Area Water Reuse Authority as coalitions to helps solve issues with environmentally sound solutions.


Paul initiated the “Carbon Free Water Delivery by 2015” initiative at the Sonoma County water agency, and represented the County twice at UN Climate Change Conferences.   After Paul put Solar on his house in 2004, he worked hard to get 2 megawatts of solar power in Sonoma County Government facilities and worked to get landfill gas power used by the water agency.  Paul has also worked on other innovative renewable energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the community become less dependent on oil.
Paul has been a leading advocate for transportation infrastructure improvements that benefit communities, businesses, and quality of life. Paul has extensive experience and leadership with multiple transportation projects from inception to construction.

Paul served for 12 years on the Sonoma County Transportation Authority to deliver multiple transportation projects from Highway widening, bus transit, local roads, and bike paths. Paul chaired the Authority and helped write Measure M, that voters approved to fund major transportation improvements including widening Hwy 101 from 2 to 3 lanes each direction.

In late 2002 commercial air service left the Sonoma County Airport (STS). Paul initiated a public, private and personal process to attract another airline. Through Paul’s leadership and negotiating skills, Horizon Airlines committed to and started air service in 2007. This commercial air service has been one of Horizon Air’s most successful markets since that time, enhancing the community and injecting jobs and resources into Sonoma County.

Paul has also served since 2005 on the North Coast Rail Authority to bring Freight rail service to the North Coast. This environmentally beneficial transportation resource will benefit the economy and environment of the North Coast.

Paul grew up in rural agricultural Sonoma County working in orchards and vineyards. Paul has worked extensively over the years with agricultural business on development of vineyards and wineries.

Paul has experience in multiple businesses like technology, health care, manufacturing, and land use that need help dealing with government and the media on complex initiatives for the business.

Paul has extensive experience representing multiple entities before Federal, State, and regional governments. Using his leadership, articulation, and relationship skills Paul has been successful taking complex issues and projects through those agencies to a successful resolution. Paul provides his clients with good knowledge of government thinking and how to get initiatives through multiple levels of bureaucracy, and knows how to work with the media on issues and messages.

Paul has also testified before committees in Congress on Transportation, ESA and Water issues. He has also testified before State boards and commissions.Paul is experienced and well qualified to represent his client or business well in many situations; before the media, community, boards, commissions, customers, and state and federal governments.

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