Meet Paul Kelley

Paul Kelley is a recognized, experienced leader in the areas of water, transportation, agriculture, business, development, representation, technology and renewable energy.

Paul has served on many local and regional boards, gaining experience working on diverse issues with diverse interests. This experience has helped Paul become recognized as an accomplished leader, spokesperson, advocate and negotiator – notably serving as President of the Association of California Water Agencies, and serving on the California Water Commission and sixteen years as a County Supervisor.


"Taking an initiative or goal through the maze of multiple parties, processes and hurdles to its successful completion."

Businesses and government agencies are challenged in today’s world to navigate their initiatives through the government entities, regulatory hurdles and finance challenges. That is why Paul Kelley Consulting provides value by using decades of experience, leadership, and relationships to take initiatives and strategically facilitate them to a successful outcome.

Water & Energy

Paul served for 16 years as a Director of the Sonoma County Water Agency. With Paul’s leadership, SCWA has become a leading water agency in the areas of water supply, recycled water, water conservation, flood control, renewable energy, fisheries enhancement and restoration.


Paul has been a leading advocate for transportation infrastructure improvements that benefit communities, businesses, and quality of life. 



Paul has experience in multiple businesses like technology, health care, manufacturing, and land use that need help dealing with government and the media on complex initiatives for the business.


Paul has extensive experience representing multiple entities before Federal, State, and regional governments